Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Catch up

So I haven't blogged in forever. I am a total slacker but I am going to do better. Things are going good for all of us, busy but good.
Rex is getting so big. He is into everything. I think that the terrible two's came early. His favorite word is "don't" and he uses it all day long. He still has an infatuation with shoes. Everyone says he is going to be a shoes salesman one day because he can walk in any kind of shoe and has to wear any shoe just laying around. He loves watching Toy Story. He brings me the movie all day. He would watch it over and over if I would let him. He is so much work but so fun.
Steve is just working and finishing up school. He will graduate with his MBA on June 13th. We are so excited! We still haven't heard back from any schools for his PHD but are hoping to know something by April to May.
It is our 5 year anniversary tomorrow. I cant believe we have been married for 5 years. Where does the time go? They night we got married we stayed at the Anniversary Inn before leaving on our honeymoon so we decided it would be fun to go and stay in the same room again. Presidential Suit here we come. It is the first night we have left Rex. I hope he does okay.
Everything else is about the same. I am going to do better with blogging since it is our "journal" and don't want to miss out on all the fun memories with Rex and Steve. So blogging world, we are back.

Friday, November 14, 2008

BIg trouble

I was at Rachaels house the other day and Rex needed his nap. I put him down in Rachael's room in a pack and play. It had been 20 minutes or so and I heard some knocking. Rachael had left with the kids to run a quick errand so I figured it was just a neighbor kid at the door. I answered the door but no one was there. I couldn't figure out where all this noise was coming from but it seemed to be coming from Rachael's room. I opened the door and Rex was running crazy. He had turned on her radio and was dancing around the room just having a good time. I was shocked. I had put the pack n play right next to her bed and he figured out how to escape.

This week we have been staying at my parents home while they are out of town and Rex sleeps in the office in a pack n play. I figured that if there wasn't a bed next to him he would have to stay in the pack n play or he would have a long fall coming out. Well this morning he had woken up early so instead of getting him I decided he needed to go back to sleep. He obviously thought differently and before I knew it he opened the door and was running around the house. I couldn't believe he would climb out. What do I do? If he climbs out of his crib that is a long way down and there goes nap time. I cant live without nap time. Has anyone ever used the crib tents? Any suggestions?

Monday, November 3, 2008

Parkers party

It is Paker's birthday on the 6th so he had his friends party on Saturday. He had invited a million kids and Rachael needed drivers so Rex got invited on default. We went to Jump and Jacks in Springville and the kids had a blast. Rex couldn't do them by himself so I paid to do them with him. I felt a little weird being the only adult so I made Shane do the blow up rides with us. It was such a work out to haul Rex up these huge slides. He wasn't so sure about it but warmed up by the end.

And after a long day playing... it was time for a nap.


This year for Halloween Izzy had asked that Rex be Mickey Mouse. She was being Minnie Mouse and wanted a Micky to trick or treat with her. It was so funny when Rex put his costume on for the first time he would look in the mirror and laugh. He kinda looked like a skittle, a cute skittle but a skittle none the less. It is tradition at our house to go to my parents for Navajo tacos. Since Steve had school that night we had dinner early so he could be with Rex for some of his trick or treating. We went around my parents neighborhood and I couldn't believe that some of the houses were giving out king size candy bars to these little kids. Rex made off with a haul. We haven't even touched the candy since he got it. He got into it for the first few houses but he was all about the stroller and his bottle.

These were the only picture I got of the kids. I couldn't believe I hadn't taken more.

The witches

Every year my mom and sisters go to Gardner Village to see the witches. It was fun this year because Rex was interested in them. He thought they were pretty fun to look at. Some of them made him a little scared but he seemed to enjoy himself. It was a fast trip up and back but nice to be with the girls.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Cold weather = ear infections

Well Rex hasn't been feeling very well so I took him into the Doctor. It seems like every time he gets sick it is a week before a well check. His 15 month well check is on Wednesday. Anyways he ended up having an ear infection. I hate the cold weather just because of that. I hope this will be his one and only of the season. Wish us luck.

We tried to make him feel better by giving him a cupcake. He is on this new power struggle and has to feed himself with no help. I was panicking it was getting all over Rachael's new couches. Thank heavens for leather. But it did make him happy so I guess it was worth it.

Steve starts into never seeing us again this week. He is taking a Kaplan course for his GMAT. Lets hope it helps because with that, school, and work we wont see him for a few months. I don't know how he does it all.

Friday, October 17, 2008

So many fun activities

This week being UEA, Alison and her boys were able to come down. My mom had every second planned out with fun activities. It started at 10:00 Thursday morning with crafts crafts crafts. She had the cutest Frankensteins for the adults- including Kadrie to paint, we made cupcakes that we decorated like bats, and painted Styrofoam balls that we made into spiders. They were so cute. Rex had to go down for his nap but they rest of the kids went and picked apples at a friends home. The kids have so much fun playing together. My parents home was destroyed but my Mom loves it.

Lucky for Steve, he just so happened to have the day off today. He got up with Rex this morning and let me sleep it. I slept until 10:00 when Rachael called me and woke me up, how rude. Steve had gotten breakfast for us and we laid around as long as we could. We all met at my Moms for lunch and then we were off to Vineyard for the festivities. I had never been before but they had quite a bit of stuff for the kids to do and it was cheap. They have a corn maze, animals, tunnels to crawl though, big blow up slides, and a big playground. We even managed to get my Dad to take off work and come with us.

When we were finished we were off to decorate pumpkins. We didn't really want to carve them because they are so much work so we painted instead. It was fun to see how every kid did theirs so differently.

Thanks Mom for such a fun few days. Rex had so much fun.